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Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

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【The Master of Storage⭐】: Clear drawers and 1 Flip-open cover for you to organize different items like cosmetics, toiletries, towels, toilet paper, cleaning items, snacks, pet supplies, toys etc. The Large drawer can perfectly store towels, taller bottles of shampoo and Laundry Detergents. Middle drawer can help to keep small items like toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. Compact footprint making it excellent storage cabinet 👍 for any room at home, at dorm, apartment, or any space-sensitive locations 【Attentive Design💝】: The free-standing cabinet is made of high quality polypropylene and built in a solid structure with high load capacity; Small body with large capacity, clever use of space; Multifunctional partition, neat and orderly; Transparent drawers, find the items you need quickly; Large flap design on the top for easy access to item; Smooth edge and delicate handle, smooth pulling; Easy to use with an opening on the side for tissue; Easy to move with casters; Waterproof and dustproof 【For Small Space🏠 & No Installation Required】: Out of the box, without installation, making your use more convenient and fast. Don't neglect the corner space of your bathroom! Max out storage space and keep your everyday essentials at your fingertips by opting for this slimline freestanding cabinet. Width is 7.09″, really narrow but tall cabinet for your tiny bathroom. The cross-sectional area is small and does not take up much floor space. Make the most of the space in your home.👏 【Wide Range of Uses】⭐As floor cabinet in the living room and bedroom to store books, remote control, watches, glasses, etc; ⭐As kitchen storage cabinet expands the space to store foods, spices, napkins, dinnerware, etc; ⭐As bookcase in the office to store files and other office supplies; ⭐As bathroom cabinet to store toiletries, cosmetics, towels, tissues etc. ⭐You can also use it to store toys, snacks, pet supplies and put it in your wardrobe to store your clothes. How to use it, all up to you!.

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Benjamin Anderson. Verified Buyer

This product was great. It is sent already built so I just measured and then added my products. We don’t have a bathroom closet and wanted to decluttered the bathroom sink area and this fit perfectly within less than an 8 inch space.

I love how it looks sleek and modern but solves a major storage solution. I would definitely recommend.

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Abby. Verified Buyer

Super cute and slick

Posted on

Craig N. Verified Buyer

This organizer is so fabulous, it is so versatile, you may put it in any room where you may need a little more organization space to put your stuff in. I have this is my restroom for now and i love how it looks and it does not take up much space at all , highly recommended!

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Shayne E. Verified Buyer

Cute and it holds a lot.

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Doris Skylar. Verified Buyer

The appearance was exactly like the picture. It was already assembled and it was perfect. Great organizer.

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Ashley Brown. Verified Buyer

Perfect for my needs

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Harry L. Verified Buyer

Got this on sale for $12 and it was the best $12 I spent. My 20 month olds favorite toy! He can spend a lot time playing with this slide! Would definitely buy again or buy for other kids! LOVE that you can easily fold it up and take it to go or slide it under the couch or bed!! A++ hope they make other cool things like this

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